Police Unions: Labor Above Law

Police Unions

In 2007, Oakland Police Officer Hector Jimenez fatally shot an unarmed 20-year-old man. 7 months later, he killed another unarmed man, shooting him three times in the back. Jimenez was rightfully fired, but reinstated quickly (Friedersdorf). In Pittsburg, similar fatal incidents occur routinely. According to Alex Zimmerman of the Pittsburgh City Paper:


Every ten years, the United States holds a census, which counts the amount of people that live in the US, among other information such as where they live. One of the most important things the census helps us determine is districts. By knowing where people live in a state, politicians can divide up states into congressional districts, with each district electing one representative to the house of representatives. However, the district lines are often drawn unfairly. This practice is called gerrymandering.

Delta Variant

Delta variant

The world is now facing another strain or variant of COVID-19, known as the Delta variant. The Delta variant originated in India in December 2020 and is now spreading world wide after being first being detected in the United States in March 2021. “Evidence suggests that it is potentially more transmissible than other variants.”