How much privacy do we receive on social media?

Privacy Social Media

Users of the internet know that they’re being tracked by the platforms they use — most notably by Google and Facebook. Although users have some understanding, they do not realize just how little privacy they are entitled to on the internet. The world has become increasingly reliant on the internet especially in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has only exacerbated the problem of a lack of privacy.

Enbridge’s Line 3 Pipeline

In March of 1991, an unusual sight could be seen on the frozen Prairie river in Minnesota: pools of oil flowing down the ice and seeping into the river. This was Enbridge’s Line 3 spilling 1.7 million gallons of crude oil. Now, indigenous and environmental activists worry that this may happen again. Enbridge, the company that owns Line 3, has plans to replace and expand parts of the Line 3 pipeline to restore its original operating ability.

Black Women In Sports

Black women have shown their strength, resilience, and brilliance in every aspect of life they’ve chosen to participate in. Sports are no exception but with black women’s show of greatness has come the shadow of brutal and unnecessary criticism and scrutinization that seems to follow POC everywhere they go. Being a black woman in sports means having to manoeuvre through the constant battles of racism and sexism while also battling stereotypes and compartmentalization. This means having to excel and prove yourself as a capable and competent athlete while also having to make yourself just the right amount of black so people can view your success as an accomplishment for the POC and women and rid the rest of the community of white guilt. They also have to manage to be just white enough where you’re viewed as a “non-threatening black” and can be marketed as digestible and provide a new name to submit into “I’m not racist, I was rooting for ____” Black women are celebrated for their accomplishments as long as their accomplishments do not show to be more than what was expected of them. If they surpass the limits set for them, they are put down and ransacked for possible mistakes that would fulfil the already given presumption that the success was not due to skill and ability, and when no such mistake is found they turn and claw for anything else that will subdue the triumph.