The Shooting of Guila Dale

Shooting Guila Dale

For most Americans, the fireworks on the Fourth of July weekend symbolize national prosperity and patriotism. They represent the long and colorful history of sacrifices made for the independence of their country. They trigger a sense of pride. But for one fellow American, Gulia Dale, a black man and a retired army major, that wasn’t the case.

As Schools Are Reopening

Schools Reopening

After almost two years in virtual learning, many schools in the United States have at last reopened their doors for a full-time in-person education. People have said that this is the next step into recovering from COVID-19, and returning to “normality;” however this may be a step backwards. Cases were at a record low in June of this year, only for them to rise as the first schools began to reopen in July and as more people became content with not wearing masks.

The Tragic End to America’s Afghan Forever War

End Afghan War

On September 11, 2001, America faced one of it’s deadliest terrorist attacks ever: the attacks on the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and an attempted attack on Washington DC. In response to the brutal hijackings, President George W. Bush vowed to “win the war against terrorism,” and invaded Afghanistan, in hopes to find Osama Bin Laden, a key planner of the 9-11. In October of 2001, Operation Enduring Freedom began, and US forces initiated airstrikes on al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Quickly, Taliban forces fell and the Taliban regime collapsed.

Climate Change


Chocolate and coffee, it is hard imagining life without them isn’t it? Well, if governments don’t do something to combat climate change quickly, it might just come to that.